Zero VOC Mythic Paint for safe kid-friendly spaces

If part of your spring cleaning plans revolve around painting then good news – The Land of Nod recently hooked up with Mythic Paint, makers of non-toxic paint with zero odor, and put together a collection of awesome new colors for your child’s bedroom, bathroom, playroom, clubhouse or wherever else you need a coat of fresh paint.

mythic paint non-toxic

Actually achieving zero VOC paint with 100% zero off-gasing is impossible because all paints do off-gas to a point, however, Mythic Paint comes close and that’s a good deal for your health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), notes that indoor air quality can be far more polluted and harmful to our health than outdoor air quality and much of that is due to the stuff we bring inside (such as paint that releases chemicals inside).

Every shade of Mythic Paint is zero VOC and far less toxic than traditional paint. Plus the new color line-up is amazing. There are dozens of shades to choose from – plenty to please any child. I like Naptime shown below…

naptime paint

Features of Mythic Paint:

  • Non-toxic.
  • Zero VOCs.
  • Free from lead, mercury, formaldehyde, formaldehyde precursors and crystalline silica.
  • Mythic Paints are formulated to minimize off-gassing.
  • No solvents.
  • Paint is stain resistant, easy to clean and paints on smooth
  • Eggshell finish.
  • Scrub resistant.
  • Meets and exceeds independent green certifications

Below are some of colors I like, just to give you an idea of the range available. As noted above there are dozens of other colors to choose from though.

Learn more about Mythic Paint at The Land of Nod.

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