Wooden alphabet magnets – plastic free!

Ok in my bling find of the week I’m in love with these new Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Alphabet Magnets. And by bling I mean expensive. You can get a boring old set of plastic alphabet fridge magnets for what, $10? Maybe less. This set will run you $67.95. Gulp.

wooden Alphabet Magnets

However, in their defense, Grimm’s Spiel & Holz make the most wonderful wooden toys with mainly alder, lime and maple wood that’s sustainably sourced. All colored dyes, inks, high grade biological oils and glues used for their products meet the European Standards EN 71 for toy safety and are lead and phthalates free. If your child munches on these letters it’s not like munching on icky plastic. Also these Alphabet Magnets are gorgeous. Grimm’s Spiel & Holz always uses the best, most brilliant colors for their wooden products which will entice your child to create and create again.

Neuheiten Oktober2005.qxd

The Alphabet Magnet set comes with 77 wooden pieces – 6 different shapes in 26 highly-vibrant and rich colors. This unique set has an additional learning possibilities because it’s not just letters, but an alphabet puzzle. Each letter is a certain color and contains up to 5 pieces. Little ones can also use these to create shapes and designs.

abc magnets

Personally, I think these are one of those big purchases worth the cost, because you’ll use them for years. However, to balance out this bling set, I also rounded up a couple of lower cost, non-toxic alphabet magnet sets.

fancy magnet letters

Magnetic Fancy Letters – ABC’s – wooden with non-toxic gloss finish.

wooden abc block magnets

Magnetic Refrigerator Alphabet Blocks – awesome price for wood magnets (under $13), but be aware the magnets on these are small – it’s not all magnetic backing. Still, very cute with supervision and comes with a little fridge container.

OR learn to make your very own homemade felt alphabet magnets – a great low cost eco-project for you and the kids, although, I’d suggest sewing the magnets inside somehow if you’ve got very tiny tots running around.

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