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Growing a Green Family focuses on how families of all shapes and sizes can live green (or live greener), while dealing with all the ups and downs of family life. Going green always takes work – sometimes small steps and sometime large. However, it can take even more work to incorporate green living skills into your life when you’ve got a family, a limited budget and very little free time.

I get a decent amount of email, so before you send a question (or a little anger) my way, check out the Q&A below…

Common Growing a Green Family Q&A

Why do you write about green families and not green adults or kids only? Back in 2001, after my son was born, I became more interested in green living than I had been in the past. I looked to books and websites for support, but found few eco-resources that catered to families specifically. Most of the eco-resources were good, but only focused on general green living, green design or super expensive green goods. I was disappointed at the lack of green family resources which inspired me to create and launch Tree Hugging Family for a freelance client back in 2007. I adored THF, but wanted my own green family space, so I launched Growing a Green Family.

What are your green living goals and beliefs?

When it comes to green living, I believe that…

  • Eco-advocates should be honest about how much work it can be to go green. There is a learning curve. That said, with support I know that any family can make green changes.
  • All families can afford to go green. Even if you’re in a single parent family, a large family or anywhere in between. Green does not have to be expensive.
  • Kids need more nature in their lives. Kids who don’t love nature won’t care about conserving it.
  • Families deserve the truth about green products. I HATE lackadaisical green product reviews. One of my main goals is to inform readers about the real pros and cons of green products and offer tips on how to be a smart green consumer.

Where do you live? In the drizzling Pacific Northwest. And nope, I don’t hand out my home address.

Got any kids? Yes, one 12-year-old son, Cedar.

Are you married? Nope.

What qualifies you to write about families, your family is so small? Families come in all shapes and sizes. My son and I are a small family, but we have extended family and friends and so on. Green living issues come up in any size family, large or small. I research everything I write, usually because I’m curious or need to answer a personal question OR I have some sort of first-hand experience that prompts me to write about a specific topic.

Do you live with anyone else, sometimes you mention other people? Currently, I have some roommates, but since they’re not family, so I don’t write about them.

Do you write for a living? Yes. I’ve been working as a freelance writer since 1999 or so, at first on and off, then went full time in 2002. I started in print, but by 2005 my freelance career started to shift to more and more web-based writing projects.

Who else do you write for? See a list of my current clients and gigs.

Can I guest post here? I appreciate the offer, but I don’t accept guest posts at this time.

Will you link to my blog or write about my product? Maybe. Contact me and I might.

Can you help me start a blog? I’d like to have the time for stuff like this, but I don’t. Blogging is hard work. As is kicking off a new blog. If you’re looking for tips, I suggest visiting: ProbloggerKommein, ChrisG or Copyblogger.

Do you really believe in global warming? It’s so stupid! Yes I do believe in global warming, however, I think there are other reasons to go green beyond global warming. We can debate about global warming all day long, but when you get down to it, why waste resources, buy too much stuff, eat poorly or fail to recycle? All those issues matter even if global warming is a complete and utter myth.

How can I connect and stay connected with Growing a Green Family?

All the above said, welcome to Growing a Green Family. Hopefully you’ll stick around and gain some new ideas and skills for keeping your family green.

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