Updates about chemical reform, USDA mistakes, vegan food and more

So, I’ve been absent. Which means of course I’ve missed updating everyone on what I love, hate and some new issue going on in my house. I’ll do a quick recap of what’s been happening the last two weeks.

The USDA kicks Meatless Monday to the curb

In “OMG how annoying” news:

The USDA published a newsletter telling employees to try Meatless Monday. When the meat industry got word of this (it took less than an hour) they freaked. In turn the USDA freaked and went spineless, withdrew their support from Meatless Monday and the drama surrounding this took off like a wildfire across the web. Personally, I’ve never been so disappointed in the USDA and I’m always mad about something or another with them. I ranted wrote nicely about this over at Inhabitots if you want the whole story.

In bittersweet news:

On July 25 a key Senate committee approved the very first overhaul of federal chemicals regulation in 36 years due to the minds behind the Safe Chemicals Act. Many are relishing this “victory,” but personally I think it’s early to get too excited. I’ll be posting more about this later, but we do have a long uphill battle ahead of us before chemical reform becomes a reality. One, this legislation still needs to move to the Senate floor, but it’s my guess that the chemical industry, and likely most of the government, is not simply going to quietly fall in line. The chemical industry has called the Act “extreme” and I know that the chemical industry is going to try their hardest via money, PR and lobbying to prevent the Safe Chemicals Act from ever reaching the Senate. More on this later because it’s very important you get involved!

In vegan news:

So, as most readers here may know, I’ve been vegetarian for more of my life than not. In 2001 I tried to go vegan, had issues giving up cheese and eggs, so didn’t. Then someone at VeggieBoards directed me to this video (disturbing), which freaked me out enough to quit eating eggs. Since the only dairy I like is melted cheddar cheese, I started thinking this would be a good time to try vegan again.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing (eating vegan all week) I’ll be posting more on this too.

However, this won’t change Growing a Green Family much. I’ll still be pressing folks to go organic and to eat as ethically as possible and still no preaching – no vegan police here…

If I post recipes, they’ll be vegan, which won’t be a huge change, since all my recipes here are already vegetarian or vegan. That said, since I like to encourage vegetarian eating too, I’ll also post how to make stuff vegetarian style, not just vegan if it’s a dish that usually has eggs or dairy.

I’ll be back soon with some fresh posts so stay tuned, especially for the chemical reform post, which will be info you really need.

Lead image by Flickr User WordRidden

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  1. Lindsay says

    While I agree that there is a long road ahead on the Safe Chemicals Act, I’m still celebrating last week’s committee vote as a big victory. It was the first vote in over 36 years to update our laws on chemical safety! In Congress, the first step can often be the hardest and now that we have momentum I’m confident we can work hard in the next few years to get the job done! Thanks for blogging on these important topics.

  2. Jennifer Chait says

    In my head I’m celebrating too. It’s a huge step. But… I wrote a post about this over at another blog I work for and it got very few views as compared to say, the posts we wrote about toys or breastfeeding. Working for mostly environmental site, I see the stats of who reads what and their comments at Facebook and such on certain issues and what I’ve noticed is that many people are not all that motivated when it comes to creating change.

    Take the pink slime issue. Myself, along with many other bloggers wrote about that years and years ago, but people only got interested when, for whatever reason, some news outlet this last year hit the trend jackpot. Then people noticed, took action, and got pink slime off the USDA lunch menu (kind of). What I’d like to see are people staying interested in chemical reform to the point where we create a much bigger change. An actual, on the market change. But the folks behind the Safe Chemicals Act are doing awesome – I agree. I just want consumers more involved.

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