Throw a green Thanksgiving event

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year but you can still keep it green. Following are some ways you can celebrate without compromising your eco-ethics or too much time.

green thanksgiving

Stay sane: Traveling during the holidays is a nightmare. It’s more expensive, it’s stressful, and it keeps your emissions nice and high. Staying put at home is a great way to cut stress and save gas and resources. Ah sanity.

Get real: Real cloth napkins and cloth tablecloths, actual reusable dishes, and banning paper or plastic toss away cups is a great place to start. If you don’t have special holiday dishes and want some low cost options check out your local thrift store. Not only can you find great sets of dishes but you can donate them back after the holiday. NO dish storage!

Go organic: Organics don’t have to cost more. If you’re concerned about costs split them with all family members attending or buy the most important organics first, then others if you can afford it. For example, an organic turkey and organic produce should be top priorities. Organic spices are cool, but you’re not getting as big a pesticide punch with them –  the turkey, apples for pies, and dairy are bigger deals.

Have flowers: Organic flowers for your table are a pesticide free, beautiful option. If you go local they don’t even cost much more than conventional flowers. Many co-ops offer a flower section where you can pick and choose your favorite stems – much cheaper than buying a ready-made bouquet.

Get vegetarian or vegan: Skipping the turkey, ham, bacon bits, and whatever other meats you like at Thanksgiving, is a great way to keep your holiday green. Skipping the dairy and eggs makes an even bigger impact. You might be surprised at just how traditional your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving can be. For veggie Thanksgiving ideas see the following:

Halt commercialism: Vow to skip Black Friday.  There’s a real honest to goodness event called Buy Nothing Day that you can join up with if you want to skip the madness. Why shop til you drop the day after Thanksgiving? Why not have a more peaceful day? I’ve been doing Buy Nothing Day for years and it rocks.  Visit Buy Nothing Day if you’d like to get involved.

Stay natural: Plan decor that’s eco-savvy and natural or made with recycled goods.

Design greener place cards: If fancy is your game plan this holiday then you need pretty eco-friendly place cards.

Be thankful: Try making a homemade gratitude journal with the kids with recycled goodies. If you want something extra special try the WishFrame. Family and friends can write what they’re thankful for on little slips of paper then tuck them away in the WishFrame.

What are you doing to celebrate a green Thanksgiving?

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