These are a few of my favorite things…

I haven’t shared any links in a while and it’s due. Especially since my pal Linette just recently posted one of my favorite holiday treats of all time… The amazingly adorable, so cute you won’t believe your eyes, little Chocolate Covered Cherry Snowmen.

Your kids will absolutely flip if you make these together. If only I was as creative as Linette. Life would be sweet! If you want to make these little guys, remember to switch out conventional ingredients for organic when possible. P.S. As if it’s not enough that Linette is better at making cherry treats than I am, (seriously, I’ll post my recipe for chocolate covered cherries soon, then you’ll see) but she’s also crafty. Take a look at her Hand Print Christmas Tree and Pine Cone Peacock Ornament Craft, both of which can easily be made with natural and recycled materials.

More of my current favorite things…

Gingerbread Man Cupcakes and S’mores Snowman Treats – remember go organic though!

How to wrap gifts up nice, with fabric, not paper!

Recycle old ABC blocks into pretty Christmas ornaments.

This very sweet Gratitude Tree – which I think would be excellent year-round.

I hate, no let me rephrase, highly dislike almost every dog I’ve ever met. I’m just not a dog person. I’m more like a sea monkey, pet rock kind of girl. However, these dogs crack me up and besides that, this is my son’s favorite blog, so… here you go.

This holiday season, please THINK before you buy. Also keep in mind that green gifts don’t have to suck.

Click here. Scroll down. See Christmas tree. Be amazed.

Must have this dresser! The one at the top.

BEST salt dough ornaments EVER! Not a joke. Go see.

OMG these adorable baby shoes.

Hey, what’s my house doing here. JK… sigh.

And a non-eco laugh to end it all.

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  1. Lynn says

    As always, you’ve inspired me Jennifer. I HAVE to do my own list. Thanks for including us on the wraps! Those shoes are sooo cute. But I have a pair I think rival them. Watch for my list :)

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