How to store homemade ice pops – even in a very small freezer

weird ice pop mold platform

I don’t have a HUGE freezer, yet I do make and store a significant amount of homemade popsicles each year. How do I manage? It’s simple… Making and storing ice pops in a small freezer Buy the right molds – big huge popsicle mold sets are cool and all, if you’ve got the space. I […]

Ultimate Guide to BPA-free Popsicle Molds & Ice Pop Gear

2012 popsicle molds - Tolovo Popsicle Molds

I haven’t updated my popsicle mold post for a good long while, so I figured we were due. This year’s list only contains molds that are *BPA-free. I’ve also included some cool ice cream pop molds along with some great popsicle making gear to help you get started. If you’re curious about the benefits of […]

Brand New & Adorable Tovolo Ice Pop Molds

Tovolo Bug Pop Molds

Do I have some cute news for you! New to the ice pop world this year are some sweet new Tovolo popsicle molds. Such as… Tovolo Bug Pop Molds: These new Tovolo are the first new molds to come along in a long while and they’re so cute too. The set features 3 unique designs […]

Are silicone ice pop molds safe?

I’m always talking about silicone ice pop molds here but some people question their safety. So, I figured we’d look at the safety of silicone both in general and in relation to all-plastic ice pop molds which are a lot cheaper than molds made with silicone. Is food grade silicone safe?  Honestly, the jury is […]

How come my organic ice pops are so watery tasting?

Everyone’s had an ice pop that starts out yummy, but then the flavor eventually gets sucked out and you’re left with ice and zero flavor. Freezing a pure liquid, say apple juice from concentrate, results in a super icy pop and this sort of rock hard texture allows you to suck the flavor out of […]

Why are my organic homemade popsicles rock hard?

This question is part of the Organic Homemade Popsicle Q&A series. Now, creating popsicles that aren’t as hard as ice may seem odd – I mean, aren’t popsicles ice? However, there’s ice and then there’s ice pops that are way too icy and hard. Consider ice cubes – they’re not flaky or soft, they’re rock […]

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