Reusable stainless steel water bottles for kids and adults

clean bottle square

*This post is part of the reusable water bottle guide. As noted in previous posts, when it comes to reusable water bottles, I like stainless steel bottles best. When looking at stainless steel bottles, make sure you buy real food grade, high quality stainless steel bottles not aluminum bottles. Klean Kanteen is my favorite stainless […]

Best reusable glass water bottles

bkr Glass Water Bottle

Glass bottles have come a long way in recent years. Nowadays glass bottles are durable, easy to manage and beautiful to boot. Check out the amazing choices below. Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle with Flip Top Cap – 16 oz. I love my LifeFactory bottle, except for the lid because it tends to spill if you try […]

Winter weatherizing tips for renters

home weatherization program, low income weatherization, save energy, Save Money, weatherization, rental weatherization program, low income rental weatherization, rental weatherization, apartment weatherization

If you own a home, there’s a lot you can do to decrease your energy use (and thus bills). However, as a renter, you’ve usually got less flexibility because replacing windows, planting wind blockers and other long-term investment solutions aren’t very realistic. Still, even renters can make reasonable changes to help cut down on energy […]

How to make eco-friendly shopping choices

buy green and save more money

Beyond just living green you should have some basic eco-friendly shopping criteria in place. Having good shopping skills in general will save you money. Excellent green shopping know-how consists of three basic components: Knowing what and if you need something. Knowing what eco-friendly really means to you. Knowing how to figure out if a product […]

BPA-free plastic reusable water bottles

best reusable water bottles - Waterbox Eastman Tritan

*This post is part of the reusable water bottle guide. Before you look at BPA-free plastic, I highly suggest checking out all the wonderful stainless steel and glass water bottle options out there as they’re a safer, longer-lasting choice. I understand that some people want a lighter bottle though, hence me rounding up the choices […]

BPA-free reusable water bottle buying guide

Best reusable water bottles - Klean Kanteen Classic

I haven’t updated my BPA-free reusable water bottle shopping guide for about three years, so I’d say it’s about time. Luckily, there’s a slew of new bottles on the market, so shopping for the perfect reusable water bottle has never been easier. Reusable Water Bottles are an Eco-family Must: No matter which bottle you choose, […]

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