Arbor Day Dates – When Your State Celebrates Arbor Day

when is arbor day

Earth Day is not the only big April event for tree huggers. Arbor Day also falls in April. Technically, National Arbor Day is always the last Friday in April, which means Arbor Day 2010 falls smack on the very last day of the month – April 30th. However, many states and other areas of the […]

Hug this lemon tree

Organic Meyer Lemon Topiary

Few trees are as shiny and cheerful as the lemon tree. Lemon trees have pretty leaves, flowers, and fruit and serve multiple purposes. Lemon trees make for gorgeous garden decor and work as indoor plants. Lemons themselves are perfect for countless yummy recipes and you can even clean your whole house with lemons. True lemon […]

Benefits of protecting & planting trees

tree hugger

At another blog I used to write for I had a weekly (well, mostly weekly) series for a while called Hug This Tree. I miss it because one, I personally like trees, and two I think that trees and nature in general are important focuses for green families. That said, I’m kicking this series back […]

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