Kroger decides organic confusion is the way to go

Kroger Simple Truth branding

So, yesterday I grab the mail, start sorting it and notice a huge Fred Meyer flier.  Fred Meyer is our local Kroger store here in PDX and we shop there often. Here’s the flier below… The flier states: “What’s the easiest way to enjoy all natural and organic? Keep it Simple. Naturally Preferred and Private […]

PDX Fun – Portland Farmers Market Celebrates 20th Birthday

Just a quick FYI to my PDX friends, the Portland Farmers Market will be celebrating it’s 20th birthday with a fun party. There will be festivities, such as crafts and farmer dunking (so I hear) and of course, plenty of fresh birthday treats served up by local chefs. As an added bonus, this year’s reusable […]

For less expensive organics hit the Farmers’ Market

Photo © Flickr user NatalieMaynor

If you’re an avid supporter of organics, it’s not uncommon to feel a little bit of sticker shock at check-out. Thankfully, organics don’t have to be out of reach. There are ways to save on healthy organic food: See 70+ tips about how to save money on organic food. A new way to save! You […]

PDX Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest

Photo © Flickr user prozacblues

The Portland Farmers Market 2011 season is kicking off soon – March 19th to be precise. However, if you’re a high school student you can already get involved in some Farmers Market fun. COUNTRY Financial, a 2011 season sponsor, recently launched a Reusable Bag Design Contest for Portland Public Schools high school students. No word […]

Green Product Review: Three Sisters All-Natural Cereal

three sister natural cereal

Review Summary: Not being made with organic ingredients is a huge bummer. That said, this cereal not only was a huge hit taste-wise, but the company has other green perks as well. Product: Three Sisters Cereal. We reviewed three of these cereals, including Sweet Wheat, Marshmallow Oaties and Cinnamon Sweets. Three Sisters sells various types […]

Make the most of shopping at the local farmers’ market

farmers market

Farmers’ markets are a great place to score greener produce – i.e. local and organic. The added bonus is that farmers’ markets are an effective way to cut your food costs and they often provide free entertainment for kids. When we lived in Humboldt, my son loved the local farmers’ market. They usually had music, […]

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