Green Product Review: Tolovo Popsicle Molds

Green Product Review Tolovo Popsicle Molds

Review summary: Though I talk about them all the time, I’ve never done a dedicated Tolovo ice pop mold review even though I’ve made well over 1,000 ice pops with them. So, it’s high time. These popsicle molds are, for the most part, excellent molds with very few cons. This review has been updated and […]

Freezycup Stainless Steel Individual Ice Pop Mold

Freezycup Ice Pop Mold Holder

We’ve seen one stainless steel popsicle mold here before, but I’ve never tried them because they’re fairly expensive and I’ve read some wacky reviews of the set on Amazon, noting that steel shavings show up in the popsicles (yikes). No idea if it’s true, but that’s what I’ve read. Anyhow, recently I came across these […]

How to make organic homemade vegan popsicles

vegan popsicles

Making proper organic popsicles was one of my main issues with going vegan, which shouldn’t surprise anyone here. Of course I’d jump to ice pops – you don’t mess with popsicles gosh darn it. That said, I figured I’d post how to transform any ice pop from vegetarian to vegan for myself and for any […]

50 Homemade Organic Yogurt Popsicle Recipes & Yogurt Ice Pop Tips

pomegranate-cherry popsicles

I’m not the biggest yogurt fan, but my son LOVES yogurt and thus, yogurt popsicles are popular at my house and super easy too. Unlike most fruit or liquid based popsicles, you don’t have to worry that yogurt pops will turn out rock hard. The yogurt smooths pops out, making creamy treats every time. Plus, […]

Why won’t my popsicles come out of their molds?

ice pops stuck in molds3

This question is part of the Organic Homemade Popsicle Q&A series. Sometimes ice pops just won’t come out of their molds, or they break in half when you’re taking them out, which makes the whole popsicle experience far less fun then it should be. Usually the problem is due to one of the issues below… Your […]

Should you make sugar-free ice pops?

sugar-free ice pops

This question is part of the Organic Homemade Popsicle Q&A series. As I pointed out in two previous posts (see below) sugarless ice pops don’t freeze or taste as good as ice pops made with some sort of sweetener. A sugarless pop is akin to plain old ice – way too hard and flavorless for an ice pop. How […]

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