National Nutrition Month Resources for Green Families

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Better yet, 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of National Nutrition Month. This annual event was designed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the goal is to focus on helping families and individuals make smarter, healthier food choices. This year’s theme is “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day,” which […]

Tips for raising a healthy and green eater from birth

raise a healthy eater from birth

This year, I’ve been working on a series about childhood obesity and healthy family food and exercise habits. As I’ve noted previously, when it comes to food habits, it’s extremely hard to change established food habits in your older kids. It’s much more simple to raise kids who eat right from the start. Later we […]

Cornucopia Institute Challenges Dr. Alan Greene’s Conduct

So, Dr. Alan Green, much loved celebrity pediatrician among the green set, is being accused of some pretty serious stuff by Cornucopia Institute. First of all, I wrote a much longer post about the accusations at Inhabitots, and I don’t feel up to rehasing it here. That said, if you want the full scoop head to Inhabitots. Still, since I’ve […]

10 Basic Principles for Greener and Healthier Family Meals

cooking with kids - healthy meals

We’ve been discussing healthy food and lifestyle choices this year and now it’s time to put some of this knowledge into action. If you need (or want) to make your meals greener and healthier for the long haul, here are some easy ways your entire family can make it happen. 1. Know your strengths and weaknesses Sit […]

Confessions of a chubster – a fresh first-hand take on weight issues in America

In case you missed it, my big goal series this year is “A healthy 2012 means childhood obesity in America shouldn’t be taboo.” I’m serious about this issue. Weight, exercise, calories and getting healthy as it relates to kids shouldn’t be taboo. At all. Still, seeing as how all of these same issues are, as […]

Scare up some healthy organic Halloween treats

Healthy halloween treats - better than candy corn

I think some super sweet Halloween treats are perfectly justifiable. However, it is nice to have some healthy options on hand as well. This first Halloween treat is an icy Halloween smoothie that I found a long time ago in Fitness Magazine. It wasn’t organic, but you can change ANY recipe to make it organic, […]

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