Are people really that addicted to technology?

tech addict poster

I’m considering a screen detox at my house. Why? Because one, I’m tired of people paying more attention to screens than to other people and other interests and two my household has a lot of red flags related to screen addiction and low physical activity. I’m just not feeling like my household is using screens […]

Red Flags Related to Kids + Physical Activity + Tech Gadget Overload

kids and excess screen use

I’m pondering a screen detox right now, because screen time is out of control at my house. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one at my house who would be on board with a screen detox. I’m guessing everyone else in the house would say, “You’re overreacting about the screen situation.” So, to be fair, […]

Considering a home screen detox

Kids and excessive screen time

I know I’ve been absent a lot lately. Sorry about that. Turns out you shouldn’t look for a new school for your kid at the end of the year while looking for new clients and organizing spring cleaning (stress city). Still, just because I’ve been gone, doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about green family […]

2012 Guide to Sunscreen Choices for Green Families

Safe sunscreen guide - 2012 - affordable and expensive sunscreen

Last year, I posted a list of safe sunscreens that cost $2.00 per ounce or less. After thinking it over, I’ve decided that $2.00 per ounce is still really expensive. My son and I easily go through hundreds of sunscreen applications per summer. At $2.00 an ounce, sunscreen can run you a minimum of $234 a month […]

My 2012 liquid gold (otherwise known as safe sunscreen) rational

safe sunscreen is too expensive

Last year I had myself a little rant about the insane costs of safer sunscreen, but it’s a new year, so it’s time for some fresh 2012 sunscreen rational. In spite of the fact that companies, green bloggers and health organizations continue to promote the benefits of less toxic sunscreen, most companies continue to price […]

More kids stuck indoors than ever before – CLIF Kid’s Backyard Game Contest can help

spong ball fill up - clif kid games

A new Kelton Research survey reveals some utterly depressing (but not terribly surprising) news – kids today are stuck indoors most of the time and often it’s by choice. The new The Clif Kid Outdoor Play Survey highlights how we REALLY need to act now in order to prevent a generation of screen-bound, inactive, unhealthy […]

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