Attacking Whole Foods is not the answer people

So, right after Whole Foods Market announced their commitment to label GMO foods a rash of criticizing articles and statements on Facebook started appearing. Mainly because people think Whole Foods should… Should work faster and have GMOs labeled by 2015 vs. 2018. Should get anything labeled “Natural” out of their stores. Should ban all GMO food from their stores. And on […]

Whole Foods Market commits to clear GMO labeling of all products by 2018

whole foods demands gmo labeling

In what may be the biggest announcement of 2013 so far, Whole Foods Market said this week that they’re giving their suppliers five years to source only non-GMO ingredients OR they must clearly label all products that contain GMO ingredients. This is a surprise, especially for those who through Whole Foods was on the fence about GMOs. Walter Robb and […]

GMO supporters celebrate consumer deception but you can still vote for GMO labeling

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Late last night, once 95% of the votes were counted, California voters defeated Proposition 37 (53%-47%). Prop 37 would have given consumers the right to know if the foods they buy contain GMO. The no side ran a fairly shady campaign which, when combined with the wacky wording of the prop on the ballot, landed them […]

Frustrating companies who refuse to take a side in the GMO debate

yes on Prop 37 - companies who don't care

With voting happening soon (on November 6th) I’m guessing that this will be my last post on Prop 37. But, before I launch in, I’d like to take this moment to remind California dwellers to please vote yes on Prop 37. No, the proposal isn’t perfect, but it is a major step in the right direction – […]

Companies and organizations who do not think consumers deserve to know what’s in food

prop 37 your right to know about GMOs

Yesterday I wrote about some basics of Proposition 37, the California statewide ballot measure to ensure labeling of genetically engineered foods. Today I thought we’d look at the companies and organizations against Prop 37 – in other words, companies and organizations who DO NOT think consumers deserve the right to know what’s in their food. There are […]

Support Yes on Prop 37 now – before time runs out

label gmo food

Proposition 37, the California statewide ballot measure to ensure labeling of genetically engineered foods, has lost voter support over the last month due to a rash of misleading ads placed by the no side – bad news since this prop will be voted on in less than a week. The newest polls show that the […]

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