Stick it to fake organic products!

When I was 13 or so I read a book about women’s rights. In said book there was an order form for some awesome, “This offends women” stickers. You could use these stickers in stores, on products, a person 😉 – to label lame anti-female stuff. I loved my stickers. I know, I got started young ranting about rights and social issues. Now, I’m less rantish about women’s issues, but I am, as you might guess, super serious about eco-issues. Luckily for me (and you) there’s a cool new breed of stickers available to help us rant more effectively…

Nice! This new sticker is available from the Organic Consumer Association and you can use these stickers to have all sorts of fun labeling fake organics at stores.

Um, isn’t it lame to deface property that doesn’t belong to us?

I don’t know. Here’s what I think is WAY lamer…

  • When companies mislead consumers by claiming to sell organic products.
  • When companies label stuff as “organic when really the product is anything but organic.
  • When products called organic actually contain toxins, pesticides, petroleum and other icky junk that can harm the planet AND speed up puberty, increase infertility, cause birth defects, cause cancer and a host of other health problems.
  • That beauty care and personal care products aren’t regulated by anyone. AND that this ruins the integrity of the USDA National Organic Program as a whole; not to mention the term organic.
  • When real organic companies get shafted because consumers buy toxic fake organics instead of real organics.

That’s lame.

If no one in the government gives a hoot about our health or the health of the planet. If no one sees fit to regulate body care. If kids are going to be exposed to harmful chemicals. Then no, I don’t think it’s lame to deface property. Why not inform someone that fake organics suck?

I mean, really – if you have a good reason why we should not inform consumers about fake organics, by all means, say so in the comments. But, just so you know, I love these stickers.

Get your own free download of this sticker sheet (pdf), then stick it to some fake organics.

PS – Don’t stick it to the following organic supporters…

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  1. Shane Shaps says

    Excellent post. This reminds me of college when my animal-rights roommate used to stick “Boycott L’Oreal” stickers to my butt. As horrifying as that was… I opened my eyes and started paying attention to products not tested on animals.

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