Small green step: keep reusable goods in your car

One small step that can help you keep it green is to keep often used reusable items in your car.

For example, what happens when you make an emergency coffee shop stop, but don’t have a cup? You end up with a disposable cup. What about if you have to stop for some groceries but didn’t think to bring your reusable bags? You end up with paper or plastic.

Most of the time, I do plan trips out, but sometimes I’m just out and about with no plans, thus, it’s helpful to keep some reusables in the car. I usually keep one or two reusable coffee cups and a couple of reusable bags in my trunk, just in case.

To keep it simple, grab a nice basket, an old box, or an extra reusable bag, and fill it with a few essential reusable items depending on your family size. For example, toss in a couple of coffee cups and reusable water bottles along with some reusable bulk grocery bags and regular sized grocery bags too.

Just make sure that when you use a reusable, you replace it right away so your car is always stocked and ready.

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  1. Stephanie says

    Excellent idea. I would add extra cutlery and cloth napkins for unplanned lunches out. I try to always have a spork, a knife and chopstick in my purse but I should carry extras in the car for the kids.

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