Raise Happy & Knowledgeable Kids Without Public School

Public schools aren’t ever far in the back of my mind, but lately, they’ve taken over my brain, yes, even before green issues. That said, we’re going to be looking at some school issues over the next few weeks or so. I know this is a green blog, so sure, I’ll still be posting about eco-issues too (don’t worry green advocates).

However, as I’ve noted before we’re not just a green family, but an unschooling / free school family as well. Personally, I think the two issues –  green living + schools, easily merge because:

  • Schools need to do a better job of offering green education choices.
  • Alternative schooling, in my experience, often allows more time for learning about eco-issues.
  • Alternative schooling often encourages more family time, which helps your family work together to focus on green issues.
  • Part of living an eco-friendly life has to do with being okay with having less stuff and a more peaceful, helpful mindset, neither of which tend to go along with conventional schooling.

My issues with public schooling are many and are as important to me as green issues. But some people are perfectly happy with their school, so what I’m thinking is I’ll gather all the schooling posts here, place a nice little link in the sidebar, and you can read or ignore the school posts coming up.


If you’d like to know more about where my information is coming from take a look at the following:

As noted, I’ll still be posting about green issues too. But, if you’re not perfectly happy with your child’s school, you might want to bookmark this page so you don’t miss any of the school links as I post them.

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