A Rainbow of Colorful DIY Play Kitchen Design Ideas

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Nothing is quite so charming as a handmade DIY play kitchen under (or aside) the tree come Christmas morning. If you’re planning on making your own play kitchen for your little one, read the following. How to make an eco-friendly and affordable DIY play kitchen Design inspiration – one dozen DIY play kitchen designs Design […]

DIY Play Kitchen Tips – Make a Green and Affordable Play Kitchen

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Play kitchen sets are a time tested toy that will delight most kids on Christmas morning. However, a completed toy kitchen can be costly – especially if you’re going the eco-friendly route.  A less expensive option is to make your own play kitchen. You don’t need a ton of carpentry skills either. It’ll help if […]

How to make eco-friendly shopping choices

buy green and save more money

Beyond just living green you should have some basic eco-friendly shopping criteria in place. Having good shopping skills in general will save you money. Excellent green shopping know-how consists of three basic components: Knowing what and if you need something. Knowing what eco-friendly really means to you. Knowing how to figure out if a product […]

Best Popsicle Making Supplies

As someone who owns a fair share of ice pop gear, it’s interesting to see what other sort of gear is popular with other folks too. Below are the *best-selling ice pop items on Amazon, updated for summer 2013. Best Selling Ice Pop Molds Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds – Yellow Norpro Ice Pop Maker […]

Hug This Pumpkin Tree

pumpkin on a stick

With Halloween quickly approaching an excellent tree to hug is the Solanum Pumpkin Tree. Now, to be clear the pumpkin tree is not so much a tree as it is a smallish plant, but it is the perfect “tree” for Halloween. Solanum is the botanical name for a group of specific plants with sub-categories of plants […]

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