My favorite Easter candy doesn’t exist

Okay, I lied. My favorite Easter candy does exist, just not in any sort of organic or ethical form. Know what I like…

Yup, flipping Cadbury Mini Eggs. These little eggs, in case you didn’t know, are part of the Hershey family of products, which means I won’t be getting any this year due to Hershey’s lack of concern about chocolate made by child labor. I actually haven’t had one in years, because they’re not made by an ethical company, but trust me, I do like them. It sucks this time of year too, because they taunt me at the grocery store. Do they have to be on every single endcap?

I don’t normally like non-organic chocolate because beyond not being organic and usually being made with questionable practices, conventional chocolate tastes so fake to me. However, for some reason, as soon as you surround fake, unethical chocolate with a crisp candy shell it becomes magically delicious.

For a few years now, I’ve kept the whine-fest in my head. This year I decided to be pro-active and look for a more ethical alternative. I looked. And looked. Then looked some more and found pretty much nothing. No organic chocolate in a crisp candy shell.

I found a couple of items that came kind of close at Marich, which could work for me, because although Marich isn’t all organic, they do have many green practices in place and use local sourcing.

Marich sells natural Chocolate Jordan Almonds that are, “Roasted almonds in dark chocolate and a thin sugar shell made with all natural colors and flavors.” But I don’t want almonds. They also sell Holland Mints, which are, “Creamy peppermint centers dipped in dark chocolate and coated with a minty sugar shell.” But I don’t want a minty candy shell, or for that matter a peppermint middle.

The closest thing I found, that might suffice were the Caramel Robin Eggs, part of Marich’s Easter collection, “Premium caramel eggs coated in dark chocolate and a candy shell colored robin blue with blue speckles.” I’m down with caramel, but really all I want is chocolate in a sugar shell. That’s all. Is that too much to ask? At least Marich came close. No other candy shop I looked at did, and I looked at as many as I could find.

This is kind of like the Skittle issue I mentioned before – how my son has looked forever for something resembling an organic or at least natural and ethical Skittle-like candy. He hasn’t found any. Just like I can’t find a seemingly simple chocolate egg in a sugar shell. This, in my opinion is one of the major downsides of green living. Sometimes it’s hard to find the simplest of items green – like organic kids clothing for non-babies or organic candy or a real organic hair conditioner that works on curls. Sigh.

If you know of an organic chocolate candy in a sugar shell, let me know in the comments. Or feel free to rant about your favorite item that doesn’t come in eco-friendly form.

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  1. Lisa @ Organic Baby Atlanta says

    You are so right. And such a better person than me. I always give in to the evil candy around the holidays. I feel like they’re not really healthy anyway, so does it matter if I eat non-organic junk food? And I try not to think about the ethical aspect. Thanks for the push to resist temptation! The peppermint ones sound awesome to me. But my favorite Cadbury eggs are the ones with the creamy nougat centers…so bad.

  2. Desta says

    They are my favorite too! Everyone always used to know what to get me around that time of year. I ate organically and ethically except for those, and then I finally let them go too a few years ago. Please update if you find any ones closer to them! Why can’t Cadbury realize there is a market for die hard greenies who also once loved Cadbury min eggs?

  3. Desta says

    I know your post is a couple of years old, but I might have the solution. I was looking for organic fair trade Easter candy when I found something that might replace them just now! I work in a fair trade store and we buy from them, but I never knew a Cadbury mini eggs replacement was right under my nose! I’m ordering them to try them out. Now the question is if I will share them with the kids.

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