My Eco-Goals for the New Year

To end out December 2010 I posted 5 insanely easy green New Year’s goals for families who are newer to green living. Plus, we started looking at some harder green challenges for more experienced eco-families – a list that I’ll finish up this week at some point. However, I didn’t post my own New Year’s goals yet.

I don’t normally set official goals for the new year, because I tend to have ongoing goals. Still, I do have some green living issues I’ll be trying to work on this year. Most of my goals are actually left over from last year because I’ve been a bad slacker – meaning I didn’t technically accomplish everything I wanted to this year. Yeah, all green families have set-backs. Hopefully I can be better this year…

Buy less packaging related to kitchen stuff. I’ll still buy stuff like bread in packaging and soup in cans. Sometimes I buy granola bars in boxes and even Spanish rice in a box. Not cool. Especially when you consider that I can make all this stuff from scratch. Right now, just like last year, we have way too many packaged items in our pantry. I’ve cut back, but not enough. I’m really going to buckle down this year.

Getting out in nature more. Again, this is a left-over goal. We kind of did better this year, but not great. Two years ago Cedar, my son, and I used to go on a nature hikes all the time plus took daily walks around the neighborhood no matter what our schedules looked like. 2010 was hyper busy work-wise and my son was really involved at school, so we were both tired when he’d come home and we slacked big time. Even on the weekends we slacked. Partially because of our own lack of initiative and partially because my boyfriend’s daughters are way anti-exercise and anti-nature, but we like hanging out with them. Sadly, that means hanging out at home.

In my opinion, a major part of living green is getting the kids outside and active often, so I want to work on this much more in 2011. I think Cedar and I simply need to get to bed earlier on weekends, so that we get up and go out on weekend days, plus we need to make a list of cool places we’d like to go. Also, I think that while we will encourage the girls to go, if they resist, we’ll just have to be like, whatever, and go without them. If they want to sit around Cedar and I can’t use them as an excuse this year.

Cook more. I decided to go back to being a vegetarian this year. I didn’t eat meat for 15 years or so, and not eating meat isn’t a big deal to us, but cooking is time consuming, so we have issues. Often we stick to super easy stuff – rice, plain veggies, soup, etc. We need to cook more stir-fry, pasta and so on. Get creative, you know? Also, cooking more allows you to buy less packaging – which of course helps with my #1 goal above. I’ll post more ideas about this goal later.

So, these are my goals. All of them leftovers, which frankly gives me a little more ammunition to actually get on them this year. I can’t have another year of slacking.

What are your green goals for 2011?

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  1. Jessica Moran says

    Fabulous goals, Jennifer! I am also trying to cut down on the packaging I buy, especially anything that might contain BPA. I’m going through nature withdrawal, too. It’s just harder to come by in Madison, Wisconsin in January–but not impossible! I think I’ll make a list too, that’s a good idea. My last eco goal is to check my local resale shop before I buy something brand new, especially where clothes are concerned.

    Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

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