Just in time for Earth Day…

Kleenex Hand Towels! Golly. Now I can use one paper towel each time I wash up. Nice freaking job Kimberly-Clark. This is right in line with all those other useless disposables that kill trees and waste money. I can’t believe anyone would buy this utterly insane product.

Other then two 100% recycled rolls of paper towels Seventh Generation sent me (and note, I did not ask them to) I haven’t had ANY paper towels in my home for years, and really, I can’t believe that my son Cedar isn’t dead yet from all the germs on cloth towels, in fact he appears to be thriving. Who knew, cloth won’t kill you.

Sorry. I just haven’t seen such a lame product in a good long while and had to say something. See a greener way to wash your hands.

Coming up a much better item for Earth Day (for real). Good lord.

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  1. Peggy says

    Yes, I had heard someone else talking about these disposable hand towels, but I haven’t seen them. I’m going to complain on consumer surveys of places that carry them. Usually, if you look at your receipt, there’s a web address where you can take a survey on your experience.

    I also believe that products like this may be catering to people with OCDs surrounding hand washing and germs. I have someone like that in my family who would buy these!

    Anyhow, this product gives me a good idea for a book! Maybe I’ll finally write one.

  2. DramaMama says

    Imagine living in the area this company is located…yeah…free samples of new products are constantly being doled out. So many moms in our area look forward to the diapers and such, but I shudder just driving by the place! On another note, on our vacation to KY and OH area we encountered these Dyson speed hand dryers. I’m not sure how energy efficient they are or anything, but oh-my-goodness! They were fast and effective! It was weird b/c they sounded like jet engines or something and there was this box to put your hands in…have you ever seen them? Now that we’re home I should look them up online. I was impressed by them, more than other dryers. Maybe they will be a new trend. Much better than paper hand towels for your home!!!

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