Jane Goodall Discusses Unique Facts About Disneynature’s Chimpanzee

This year, on April 20th, Disneynature’s newest movie adventure, Chimpanzee popped into theaters. The film introduces families to little Oscar, a young chimpanzee who is left to fend for himself when his family is attacked until Oscar receives some amazing help from a new buddy.

If you’re interested in learning more about this movie head over to Light Green Stairs – where my pal Peggy posted part of an interview with Jane Goodall – Ph.D., DBE, Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace. Peggy recently had the pleasure of talking with Goodall about what makes this movie so astounding. For example, Goodall notes that it’s pretty much “unprecedented” that an alpha male chimpanzee would adopt an orphaned chimp. Yet, as Disneynature captured on film, that’s exactly what happened in this case. Amazing!

Peggy posted all sorts of other fun facts about this movie, so be sure to check out her interview.

You still have a chance to help save chimps:

As I noted before, if you see Chimpanzee opening week opening week (April 20-26, 2012) Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) for a special “See ‘Chimpanzee,’ Save Chimpanzees” program sponsored through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. All funds will help protect chimpanzees and their habitats.

UPDATE: Peggy, in the comments below notes that the donation period has been expanded to May 3rd.

Important – if you want your movie experience to count, you’ve got two more days before the “See ‘Chimpanzee,’ Save Chimpanzees” program ends. So, pack up those kiddos and head to the movies after school.

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  1. Peggy says

    Thanks for posting this! This really is a very touching movie, but not crying sad like a lot of animal stuff you might see on come cable channels. So, again, yeah — “Chimpanzee” is very kid-friendly! And the film is so amazing in how it shows the chimps using and adapting tools. That’s not something you can see at a zoo.

  2. Jennifer Chait says

    I’m not actually the biggest chimp fan, but seriously the trailer is so awesome it makes me want to see it. Also, we’ve liked the other Disneynature movies, so we’ll probably go see this tomorrow, before the donation period ends. I loved your interview – lots of cool facts I didn’t know about the movie – which encouraged me to want to see it more.

  3. Peggy says

    Hey Jennifer. I wanted to let you know, in case you haven’t heard, that the donation period has been extended to May 3 to celebrate the 10.6 million dollar opening weekend. So, everyone can see it through May 3 and a donation will still be made to the Jane Goodall Institute. Yay.

  4. Jennifer Chait says

    Thanks! That’s awesome, because Cedar is a hard sell. He says it doesn’t look good, so I’m having a hard time convincing him to go with me. The dumb part is that he LOVED the other Disneynature movies – 11-year-olds – what are ya gonna do?

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