How a zombie apocalypse can make you more eco-savvy

At my house we’re kind of into zombies. Zombieland is a house favorite and we also like zombie books and The Walking Dead. Zombies aren’t great if you have a houseful of young kids but they are spooky fun for older kids and adults.

What’s weird is that the more zombie stuff I watch, the more I think about conservation and eco-practices. I know that seems weird, but we always get into these HUGE oddball debates at my house about how one might correctly and incorrectly handle a zombie apocalypse. Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they’d know just what to do if a zombie plague hit.

As for me, while I can’t visually see myself whacking zombies around, those debates stick in my brain and when I’m doing little tasks around the house, I start thinking, “What if there was a zombie apocalypse?” This thinking often helps me conserve more resources and consider other eco-acts I should be trying.

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Think about it. Zombies hit and what happens? You’ve got WAY fewer resources. It’s just pretend, but it makes me think…

  • Don’t waste food! What if all the grocery stores closed down or were infested! It’s better to save those leftovers and learn to cook less at one time.
  • I need to turn off the lights – because frankly, during a zombie apocalypse, I’m betting you’re running stuff on generators, not the grid.
  • During an apocalypse, traveling light is an asset. It’s always useful to think purchases through and only buy what you really need.
  • Knowing how to repair what you own is eco-friendly, and probably utterly useful in a zombie apocalypse. With this in mind, don’t toss appliances, fix them. Learn some basic sewing techniques, learn how to fix a bike and figure out how to make items last longer.
  • Forget about meat. If flesh-eating-zombies don’t turn you off meat, maybe the fact that you’ll now have to hunt your own will. Learn to eat more vegetarian and vegan meals.
  • In a zombie apocalypse I bet the first thing to get looted will be the hospitals and drugstores. No more easy-access medications. Stay healthy by exercising, eating better and learning to use natural methods like herbs.

Do you ever think crazy stuff like this? Or is it just me?

Plants vs. Zombies, zombies, walking dead, zombieland, zombie apocalypse, plants vs. zombies, zombie attack

Plants vs. Zombies

Oh and if you’re looking for some zombie-appropriate fun for the little ones, Plants Vs. Zombies is a good bet. This game is adorable and fun for the whole family. My son and my adult friends all loved it.

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  1. Erin says

    I love that you guys talk about this! My fiance and I talk about it from time to time too. We love The Walking Dead and are pretty sure we’d do just fine! Mainly bc we live on a river (easy access to water) and we have space to grow our own food. It isn’t likely that we’ll have to really worry about a zombie apocalypse (fingers crossed), but it’s nice that this way of thinking brings self sustainability to the forefront.

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