Homemade Organic Cucumber & Yogurt Hair Masque

If you have curls (like me) you’ll know that it’s hard, and by hard, I mean impossible to find organic or even a more natural hair conditioner that actually cuts frizz, tames curl craziness and so fourth. I’ve seriously given up on finding a decent store-bought conditioner that’s not chock full of chemicals.

homemade beauty products, homemade beauty recipe, natural beauty, Usually I have to deal with homemade conditioning goods. Organic olive oil is my favorite overall hair smoother, but I’m not fond of the smell.  What I do is microwave a shot glass of olive oil and add in 6 drops of essential oil to cut back on the “olive” scent. Usually orange oil.

I also make homemade organic masques sometimes, like the recipe below. This masque is great for curls but also can add  shine and smoothness to straight hair. Oh, and my hair is really long. Almost to my waist so I make a double batch of the masque below. If you have regular length hair, just make the recipe how I post it below.

Note: This masque is drippy and as of yet, I have no idea how to thicken it up. That said, you may just want to soak  in a nice bath while this mixture saturates your hair.

In a blender mix up 1/2 cup organic plain yogurt (I’ve used soy and milk – both work), 1/2 of an average sized peeled cucumber, a tablespoon or so of honey, a few drops of lavender essential oil and chamomile.

You have some different choices regarding the chamomile. You can finely chop fresh chamomile, boil fresh to a reduction, and add that to your mix or add some essential oil of chamomile.

After mixing this up, apply to your hair, clip hair up and soak in the tub for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair in cool water for softer, smoother hair. Cucumber used weekly is also known to fight off chlorine damage if you’re a swimmer.

Of course, always feel free to experiment. Add essential oils that are beneficial for your hair type.

Before making a homemade beauty product read the following:

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