Happy first day of summer – fun summer activities

Being that it’s officially summer it’s time to get down to business. And by business I mean summer fun. Here are some super fun nature minded and eco-friendly summer ideas for green kids.

Get outside!!!! I’m going to say this until you’re sick of me saying it, but until the kids I see are fit and healthy I’m gonna keep pushing outdoor play and exercise. You can hit the beach, go to the woods or just stroll around the neighborhood, but half or more of your summer activities should take place outside. Learn how to get outside more often. If the above is too much work find an affordable green summer camp.

Stargaze – Plan an green evening picnic during the warm months (or bundle up if it’s chilly) then wait around to stargaze. Right after dusk is the best time to stargaze and the best location is as far from city lights as possible. Post-dusk is a cool time too because it’s not too late for super little ones either which means the whole family can stargaze together.

Get a TreepeeTreepee is so flipping cool. It’s part tent, part trampoline, part rocker and all fun. Plus the whole deal is made with UV protected fabric that allows children to play safely in the sun away from harmful rays with a UV protection factor of 50+. Since you have to order from London it’ll make shipping emissions an issue, but still… Have you seen a cooler way to get kids outside?

Make some icy funhomemade organic, eco-friendly ice pops are a great way to cool off all summer long.

Go hiking Before 10am and after 4pm are the best times to take your little ones out on a summer hike. Unless you’re hiking through a shaded forest the sun is going to be too hot and bright and there’s an increased risk of heat exposure and sunburn. Also, kids are more likely to see cool wildlife in the morning and after 4pm because if it’s too hot and bright for us humans, what do you think the animals are doing? Yup, hiding. Learn more about planning a kid-friendly hike.

Find an eventThere are tons of cool places to go in summer. Try the local zoo, outside concerts at the park, the Farmers’ Market or a local family farm. The best way to find local summer events is to check out your local parenting magazines – usually seen in grocery stores or visit your local travel website. For example here in PDX we have the Portland Oregon Tourist site that lists all the upcoming city events. It’s fun to act like a visitor to your own city. You can also check out Local Harvest for nearby farms and Farmers’ Markets.

Build a natural swimming pool – ok I know not everyone has the land for this, but if you do and have been considering a pool this summer (or next), why not build an eco-friendly natural swimming hole vs. a toxic material intensive chlorine filled pool?

Hang a DIY tire swing – got a tree? You can easily make a fun tire swing in just a few hours. There are lots of other DIY summer toys you can make as well.

What other fun summer activities can you think of?

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  1. says

    I love it! Great ideas. My boys and I will be going on regular bike rides, hanging out at the beach and hopefully visiting some of the local wildlife reserves. The farmers market will be a great place for them to learn more about fruits and veggies and maybe even try some new things. Thanks Jennifer. :-)

    Happy first day of summer to you too!

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