Green Product Review: All Natural Facial Cleansing Grains

Review summary:  I’m almost out of facial grains, and am feeling a little lazy about making another homemade batch. That means I need to buy some. This made me think about my favorite facial grains of all time, which in turn made me think, “Hey, I should post about them again.” So, read on to learn about these amazing facial grains – perfect for any natural girl looking for a scrubby clean face.

Product: All Natural Facial Cleansing Grains – Almonds & Honey from Manor Hall Soap Company. They also come in Fragrance Free, Lemon & Rosemary or Lavender & Rose.

Cost: $9.85 for one 2.5 oz jar

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, ground oats, corn meal, ground almonds, ground rose petals, ground lavender, honey powder, kelp and fennel seed powder.

Use: These facial grains keep your face clean, soft and smooth. You simply scoop a tiny bit of the grains into your hand, mix in a bit of warm water, scrub away then rinse.

All Natural Facial Cleansing Grains CONS:

I normally don’t start with cons, but to get it out of the way, these facial grains are not certified organic.

That said, this is still a great product from a good company. Manor Hall is not an organic faker company. They don’t go around calling their products “organic” when they’re not. The company uses natural, safe ingredients and their products work very well, especially these grains, although I also have tried and love their soap (you have to try the Almost Sunset soap!).

All Natural Facial Cleansing Grains PROS:

Economical – Although the jar seems small, these grains last a super long time. My little jar lasted months and months because you only need to use a tiny bit at a time. For the price, these grains are an awesome deal.

Works great – These grains work amazingly well, your skin will feel much more smooth and soft after just one use.

Well scented – I love how these grains smell – nutty, earthy, but not in anyway overpowering. The scent is just right and slightly lingers on your skin.

Fast – You don’t have to walk around with a mask on your face. There’s no work involved. All you do is pour a dab of grains into your hand, add a little water, scrub your face, and rinse.

Easy as pie – I tend to make homemade facial grains, because it’s very easy. Blend up some oats and you’re good to go. That said, my homemade scrubs aren’t as good as these. Probably because it’s not as if I’m going to take the time to add stuff like clay and ground rose petals. These grains are a good alternative to homemade.

Overall Score:

4.5 little trees out of 5. Way back when I first reviewed these facial grains, I actually gave them a perfect five out of five little trees plus one extra. I almost never give five trees, and I certainly don’t give six.

However, to be fair, these aren’t certified organic, and via my own rating scale, that does bring a product down a bit, hence the score of 4.5. Honestly, for use though, I’d still rate these grains a six. Especially since I’m consider buying them again over making my own homemade.

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