Green family link love

Here’s what I’m reading this week that’s super fly, green family friendly, and worth a look…

green family link love

Mindful Momma actually gets two thumbs up. One, a great post about where to find natural and eco-friendly coupons and two, the MOST adorable DIY wooden buttons.

My friend Peggy over at Light Green Stairs has a list of the 10 most threatened species of 2010 – a great kid-friendly educational post.

Petite Planet has a sweet hand puppet tutorial posted – learn to utilize everyday household materials to make your own puppets with your kids!

We all have eco-sins – even The Good Human.

Don’t let family sniffles get you down. Nature Moms offers some natural ways to cope with illness.

How to potty train with patience – frankly I’m SO glad to be done with this stage of parenting, but if you’ve got a little one who is ready (maybe) to shun to whole diaper drama business, this is a great Crunchy Domestic Goddess piece to read.

Martha Stewart launches her own line of eco-friendly cleaners – AND since it’s her you’d think she’d offer full disclosure at the product website, but alas no.

Cool green stuff you can WIN this week:

princelion bike giveaway

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike (worth $79.99) – a sweet ride featuring a 100% birch wood frame, 12″ rubber tires, a height adjustable padded seat and solid rubber handgrips. Nice!

Kitty Crumbles eco-friendly kitty litter. Sounds like a cat snack, but not so much :)

A mushroom – sure it sounds small, but I think you’ll want to win this pretty little prize anyhow.

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  1. Peggy says

    I had to go over to look at the cute mushroom. I can totally picture Oscar (kitten) using it as a toy, so I’d better not enter that one!

    Very nice bike. Thanks for the links.

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