Got meat disinfectant?

Ever wonder what green folks think about?

Once in a while I like to check up on what folks are searching for at Growing a Green Family. It’s useful for me, because I get to see what people want to know more about. That said, sometimes it’s also fairly entertaining. Sometimes people search for the things you’d expect, like, “is seventh generation really green” (yeah mostly) or “organic popsicle recipes.”

However, sometimes people seem to be looking for really oddball stuff. For example…

  • Homemade meat disinfectant – although I’ve never ever discussed ways to disinfect meat, I get a ton of hits from this term. I’m guessing people mean homemade disinfectant they can clean with – or at least I REALLY hope so. If you honestly feel you need to disinfect meat, I’d like to introduce you to a little thing called vegetarian living.
  • Anti-lame hippies – Maybe they’re not anti-cool hippies?
  • Firecracker pops in kids mother – I sure hope this wasn’t an actual event.
  • “creative cookery” with “formaldehyde free glue” – you shouldn’t combine this stuff when cooking. EVER.
  • Elf juice – Um. It does sound like something my Zelda loving son might like. Actually maybe it’s a juice brand; that would make more sense.
  • Recycling your baby – What the heck? FYI, babies aren’t curb-side friendly.
  • Poems about gummy bears!
  • Do 90 year olds make good decisions? – Not sure – anyone want to tackle this one?
  • How to make homemade explosives – I swear I’ve never done a homemade eco-explosives post. It just doesn’t seem very family-friendly.
  • How come children don’t need nature? – no idea how that got them to my site.

Oh, and FYI candy makers. Other people are looking for natural Skittles too – not just me and my son. You should get on that.

Image © PeJo

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  1. Peggy says

    hahahaha, meat disinfectant. That’s too good. Well, they can try that new stuff from Method and 7G with natural disinfectants from thyme (CleanWell).

  2. Jennifer says

    Maybe we should make a meat disinfectant and market it and get rich! Or maybe a baby recycling program… hmmm.

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