Find an eco-friendly summer camp

I think we can agree that most summer camps could be considered green. Summer camps as a general rule tend to focus on a lot of outdoor time and nature based activities. And anytime that kids are outside and participating in or learning about nature there’s going to be an eco-friendly slant.

However, there are many camps that focus a stronger amount of time on eco-friendly situations; be it going green, water conservation, forest ecology, homesteading or more, some camps make a special point of teaching kids about their planet.

eco-friendly summer camp

If you’re goal is an actual green summer camp for your little one check out the following eco-friendly summer camp resources.

    • Maine: Tanglewood – Tanglewood’s summer camps and trip programs are built around young people playing and learning together in the outdoors.
    • Pennsylvania: Longacre Leadership Program – Each summer, Longacre Leadership Program gives teenagers the opportunity to develop leadership skills and build community on their 200-acre organic farm. Participants proudly gain new skills related to cooking meals and feeding animals, to taking out the trash, harvesting vegetables and more.
    • Oregon: Bike Camp – teaches campers learn how to ride safely, fix their bikes, and travel to fun destinations throughout Portland; all with a smaller footprint and a healthy dose of exercise.

green summer camp

  • Colorado: Camp Ecology & Camp Eco Sports -The forest, meadows, rivers and ponds of the Aspen mountain community provide the building blocks for this camp’s educational resources. Children learn the importance of these natural areas, do eco-games & crafts, science projects, Nature Discovery Kits and extras like field trips to the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), all of which reinforces the need to protect the planet’s natural resources.
  • NSW Australia: Lightfoot Camps at Wangat Lodge have a number of sustainable programs available for kids.
  • Texas: EcoCamp at the Armand Bayou Nature Center – offers tons of exciting activities and learning opportunities using Armand Bayou Nature Center as a living laboratory. These opportunities may include fishing, playing nature detective, canoe rides, pontoon boat rides and much more.
  • California: STAR ECO Station’s Summer Wildlife Camp – nature, animals and more camp fun.
  • Florida: Eco Day Camp – a fun educational camp about Florida Wildlife. Other nature minded camp experiences available as well such as The Eco Camp Expedition, a week long camping and canoeing trip where campers work as a team to complete flat water paddling down the Suwannee or St. Mary’s River.
  • New York: Cornell Cooperative Extension offers tons of eco-minded summer camp opportunities – unique learning opportunities offered such as 4-H clubs, marine sciences classes with hands-on time with marine life, chick incubation, career exploration, skill building and environmental science classes. Several types of camp to choose from.
  • Washington: IslandWood at Bainbridge Island – IslandWood is not only an excellent place for families, but they offer camps and summer programs for kids set within their 255 acres of forest and wetlands. IslandWood instructors are skilled and enthusiastic naturalists who love working with children and adults in the outdoors.
  • Maine: Hog Island Audubon Center – many awesome summer camps for youth and teens that offer education about Maine’s unique coastal wildlife. There’s even a cool Environmental Education Assistants program for kids ages 14-18 that allows youth to have fun as they gain leadership skills.

This is just a sampling. For more resources visit the links below…

Are you looking for an eco-specific summer camp for your child this summer?

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  1. Matthew Smith says

    Jennifer, thank you! We are honored to have made your list. I only found out about this post this morning, when I was looking at the analytics for our referring sites. This summer we’re excited to continue teaching teenagers about sustainable agriculture. There is so much to learn about sustainability through the simple practice of rotational grazing. (We rotate our cows, sheep, hogs, chickens and turkeys.) And kids get it! How grass grows, the fly larvae, keeping parasites down, no need for antibiotics–all the while building top soil with vibrant root systems. Thanks for the support! -Matt

  2. Jeff Lorenz says

    Yes, many camps have some sort of eco-friendly theme…they are outdoors. Yet if you are looking for a camp that truly promotes nature and environmental stewardship see what Swift Nature Camp is doing in helping kids think green in a fun way.


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