Extra tips for buying organic food on a budget

You’d think with 70+ tips about how to afford organic food, we wouldn’t need even one more bitty tip around here. However, there’s always something new to learn PLUS it’s smart to keep talking about organic food on a budget.

I just read an excellent set of organic food tips at New Jersey On-Line. In the piece one frugal mama shares her tips for buying organic food. She notes that she keeps her family of five fed (on organic food) for just $450 a month.

The most significant tips surround meat. Frugal mama notes that she doesn’t buy certified organic meat – a step I highlighted in my own tips post. She notes, “I don’t buy certified organic meat. There are so many farms where families are raising the animals in an organic method but they don’t get the organic certification because it is too expensive.” She goes on to say that she simply asks, “Really good questions. How are you raising these cows? What are you feeding them? How much time do they get on pasture? Do they receive antibiotics or hormones.

Read other cool tips about how to afford organic food at New Jersey On-Line.

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