Eco-friendly natural play wooden dollhouse

This lovely little dollhouse is very cute, simple so kids can use their imagination and fairly affordable too.

Natural Play Wooden Dollhouse

This cute dollhouse is handmade by Etsy shop HighlandWood. The house is made with 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood, a durable and more safe than typical plywood for your child and it’s very easy to put together. The entire structure slides together and 4 screws located on the back securely fasten it all together.

Natural Play Wooden Dollhouse exterior


The dollhouse is pre-finished with a linseed and beeswax oil finish and since it’s for young children, of course all corners and edges are gently rounded over and sanded satin smooth.

For a dollhouse that’s under $200, this house has a surprisingly large amount of play space. The lower rooms are 11″ square and all rooms are provided with generously sized doorways for little hands and arms. Bonus, when you buy this dollhouse, a tree will be purchased in your name. The overall size of this house is approximately 27″ tall 25″ wide and 14″ deep

To see more dollhouses, check out my Ultimate Green Dollhouse Guide.

+ Natural Play Wooden Dollhouse $180.00 

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  1. Jennifer says

    These dollhouses are so cute! They are child friendly and can be used to expand the child’s imagination. The beeswax touch is a great idea for a good finish, and the tree that will be purchased is a great way to replenish the raw material you are using. I am such a fan of wooden toys so they really can last to hand down to future generations.

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