Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes for Kids

Before you purchase a brand new costume, what’s best is to reinvent an old costume, swap with someone, buy recycled or used (say, at a thrift store) or make something amazing on your own with materials you’ve got laying around. Here are some helpful links:

After that look for costumes…

  • Made with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, wool or hemp.
  • Made by decent Fair Trade or sustainable companies.
  • That can be used more than once.
  • That are recyclable – for example, for accessories, such as a sword look for felt or cardboard vs. plastic.

If you need safe baby Halloween costume tips read choose a safe and fun Halloween costume for baby. Below are some good eco-friendly Halloween costume ideas.

Oeuf Eco-friendly Mask and Tail Set

Oeuf offers a wide array of cute costume ideas from Oeuf Eco-friendly Mask and Tail Set to Eco-friendly Angel Slippers and angel sweater.

Tom Arma Halloween Costumes

Tom Arma partners with the National Wildlife Federation to add “critter facts” to the Tom Arma Signature Collection animal costume packages as part of their shared interest in ecological awareness and preservation. Also, Arma offsets 100% of the energy used to make these adorable costumes.

Cherry Winter Bonnet

For a unique Little Red Riding Hood the Cherry Winter Bonnet paired with the Silk Chiffon Layer Cape is perfect. The bonnet is handmade in Portland, Oregon and reverses to 100% cotton bright pink and red modern cotton flannel and 100% wool felt.

Zid Zid Kid Masks

Zid Zid Kids Masks are made with recycled cardboard and have amazing detail.

Organic Baby Tomato Bag & Hat Set

Organic Baby Tomato Bag & Hat Set or Organic Baby Eggplant Bag & Hat Set – adorable and one size fits newborn to about 5 months.

Happy Jack-o-Lantern Dress

Super cute Happy Jack-o-Lantern Dress – Made from 100% Organic Cotton Sateen from Harmony Art and 100% un-dyed Organic Cotton Sateen. Hand-stamped with handmade original stamps and water-based acrylic fabric paint. Available in sizes 1T (12-18mo), 2T, 3T, & 4T.


Silk is a popular green-family costume idea. I’m guessing this is because silk is natural, renewable and biodegradable. It’s not technically THAT green. It’s not vegan, not organic and keep in mind that almost zero silk products are made locally to the USA. Many of the companies that produce silk and silk products are based in countries that do not require fair trade working conditions.

On top of this, most silks are processed using a not so eco-friendly wash. Anna Sova is one company using dyes and sizing for silk that are SKAL approved. BUT her prices match that eco-commitment (i.e. expensive). Also most silk makers harm (kill) the moths that actually make the silk – Aurora is a cruelty-free silk company. So, that said, in a very fast nutshell, there are pros and cons of silk. This is a much longer topic. For now I’ll post some silk options and leave it up to you.

Sarah's Silks

Sarah’s Silks has visits to their silk makers on their website, but I don’t think they’re Fair Trade Certified – at least I can’t find that info.

Silk Dragon Costume & Silk Mermaid Costume

EcoPartyTime offers silk costumes (perhaps made by Sarah’s Silks) that are pretty darn cute. According to the company the silks, “Are hand-hemmed in a small village near Shanghai in China. The seamstresses are in their homes and the village has been personally visited by the company’s management. In addition, many of the products available on the site are sewn, ironed and packaged by women working in their homes in Sonoma County, CA. The dyes are non-toxic.” Just an FYI. This company is not a member of the Fair Trade Federation but they note that they’re environmentally and socially responsible.

I like the Silk Dragon Costume and the Silk Mermaid Costume. You might also want to check out their eco-Halloween party goods.

Silk Princess Gown and Hat & Fairy Sprite Costumes

For kids who may not be interested in a full-blown costume try…

Hanna Andersson Halloween PJs

Hanna Andersson has many adorable 100% organic sleeper sets that can be used as costumes for a little one who is gun shy about costumes.

Dress Up Time Felties are very simple, but cute and great for all year dress-up or for a low-key Halloween costume. These Felties are made by a  Green Schools Initiative supporter, Dress Up Time, who uses EcoFi felt (made in the USA from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) for all costumes.

ALSO: Get ideas about less toxic hair and makeup for Halloween.

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  1. vitamama says

    Love this post! The link to the firetruck costume was really cute; I’m actually making a school bus costume this year, reusing a cardboard box and the cut-off bottoms of plastic pretzel barrels for the wheel hubs. A little paper mache, a little yellow paint, shoulder straps, and VOILA, school bus. (My almost-three-year old is a HUGS school bus fan!) Great post.


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