DIY green toy – nine affordable play kitchen sets

Affordable play kitchen sets are one of those time tested toys that kids go back to again and again. On the downside, finding an affordable and eco-friendly play kitchen set can be super hard. However, since they’re truly one of those must have childhood toys, one option is to make your own play affordable kitchen set. This leaves the materials up to you and you can use recycled goods. Best of all the cost will be considerably lower.

The following DIY play kitchen options are easy and affordable and if you get started now your child can have his or her very own green play kitchen set for the holidays.

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My most favorite DIY play kitchen of all time is Lili’s Play Kitchen via Ohdeedoh shown above. Cost – about $30. Your child’s amazement will be totally priceless though!

Browse the gallery below for other great DIY play kitchen set ideas (see links below gallery)

      1. Sweet pastel kitchen – this truly amazing kitchen is giving my old favorite above a run for the money. I LOVE the green and the little cloth accessories!
      2. Eco-Friendly Play Kitchen – $12 instructions let you build this amazing DIY kitchen.
      3. Re-purposed entertainment center – Terribly creative, practically free, and a great way to keep furniture out of the landfill.
      4. Adorable red & white kitchen – $59 will get you this sweet red and white dream kitchen.
      5. Beautiful blue play kitchen – This looks like a master toy builder made it, but you can do it yourself.
      6. IKEA hacker play kitchen – Ah, IKEA – grab an inexpensive shelf or two and you’ve got a super easy DIY play kitchen. This one is dreamy.
      7. Blue entertainment center kitchen – another fab entertainment center saved from the trash.
      8. Homemade cube kitchen – This play kitchen is a little more expensive than some DIY versions, but it’s lovely and easy. All cubes are made with beautiful sustainably grown and harvested baltic birch plywood that is finished with eco-friendly paints.
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  1. Prof. Cricket says

    This reminds me of my childhood. When I was a little girl my grandpa made all the girl cousins a little stove. It was made of wood and the burners were the bottoms of tin coffee cans. That stove lasted for years and was especially nice because my grandpa made it for me.


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