Crafty kit for making organic garden seed cookies

This adorable retro-minded craft kit allows your child to whip up a tasty (okay, not tasty, but useful) batch of organic garden seed “cookies.”

Garden Cookies

The Garden Cookie craft kit comes with organic soil, organic clay, plant recipe cards, clay, soil, muslin bags, oil cloth, (all Made in USA), cookie cutters and rolling pin (Made in China). Your little one will have tons of fun “baking” up some seed cookies by rolling the dough out on the gingham-print, vinyl mat, and cutting out tiny shapes with the cookie cutters. Instead of really baking them, you leave these cookies out overnight to dry.

Garden Cookies seed making kit for kids

The kit comes with enough supplies to make 20 cookies, but of course you can use your own soil, clay and seeds to make more later on. These cookies are sugar free and obviously not very tasty, but once your child plants them in the garden they’ll soon sprout flowers that will provide the sweet nectar preferred by butterflies and hummingbirds. This kit is also assembled by adults with developmental disabilities in Eugene, OR.

I think this is a great project for a gardening family OR a really fun gift idea. Your child can whip up seed cookies and give them as DIY homemade holiday gifts in little reusable bags or recycled boxes.

Looking for a different crafty project for your kids?

+ Garden Cookies

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