Cool Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

With Halloween coming up, you might be wondering about homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids. Below are some homemade costume ideas that kids might actually think are cool…

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Minecraft Halloween costumes galore

My son Cedar, along with tons of other kids on this planet are obsessed with in love Mincraft. With that in mind, here are some homemade Minecraft costume ideas.

Sweet, pretty & cute homemade Halloween costumes

Homemade Halloween video game costumes

green Halloween costume, kids Halloween costumes, homemade Halloween costumes

Cedar, has been Link The Legend of Zelda for the last three Halloweens. Two years ago he got really crafty, making his own version of Link. Cedar wore a green shirt, borrowed a belt from dad and made a homemade cardboard sword with paint and glitter. He also made his own shield with K’NEX . His dad made the hat.

green Halloween costume, kids Halloween costumes, homemade Halloween costumes

Then last year, Cedar upped his game, making a homemade wooden sword, homemade bottles of milk, homemade rupees with homemade organic clay and carried an ocarina. Your kid can make his own homemade Link costume too. However, I can’t guarantee the perfect blond Link hair though. Cedar’s been growing his out for four years SPECIFICALLY  to look like Link (wow). This kid of mine is dead serious when it comes to looking the part.

P.S. Cedar is lucky because his dad sews, and made his Link hat. If you don’t sew, but your kid wants to be Link, check out this Legend of Zelda: Link Cosplay Green Hat. See more video game costume ideas below.

Super unique homemade Halloween costumes

Random Halloween costumes

*Bonus tip – looking for less toxic, eco-friendly Halloween face paint, cosmetics and hair color?

Lead Image © Flickr user Pink Sherbet Photography

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