Comment Policy

I love comments but there are some comment policies here at Growing a Green Family…

  • If your linked name looks like spam, I’ll delete your comment.
  • If your comment text is peppered with links, expect the comment to be deleted. If you want me to check out your awesome link, a better way to get me to do that is to contact me.
  • If you argue in a comment fine. If you’re an obnoxious jerk who makes everyone feel bad, I’ll delete your comments. Be real, give real opinions, debate everyone if you need to, say you hate a product or idea or theme even, but please be respectful while doing so. There’s a big difference between putting down an idea vs. putting down a real live person – please keep that distinction in mind when leaving comments.

Basically, if you’re a decent human being you won’t have any problems here. If you’re a spammy human or a mean-for-no-good-reason human I don’t want your comments here.

If you’re a eco-company owner or eco-friendly retailer:

You may be the coolest eco-company on earth and a perfect fit for Growing a Green Family readers. Still, discussing your shop or products in the comments, you have to admit, is a little spammy. If you want a link here, or some props for your amazing eco-product, you can contact me. Tell me about your company or product. There’s a good chance I’ll write a post about it. I get a post idea, you get a plug and a link, no spam questions arise and it’s all good.

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