Random Wednesday fun


It’s the middle of the week, and in case you’re feeling those midweek blahs, here’s a little laugh for you. Not green, but funny all the same… The 6 Dumbest Things Schools Are Doing in the Name of Safety From tracking every student’s move to zero high fives to prison jumpsuit uniforms (yikes) this funny […]

Déjà vu moment: scientists say organic foods not more nutritious than conventional

organic apples

Every year it seems some research paper or consumer group boldly states, “Organics aren’t better for you!!!!!” Then every news venue in the world picks up said story, people get whipped into a frenzy and everyone at the water cooler starts saying, “Hey, I told you it was a waste of money to buy organic.” […]

Kroger decides organic confusion is the way to go

Kroger Simple Truth branding

So, yesterday I grab the mail, start sorting it and notice a huge Fred Meyer flier.  Fred Meyer is our local Kroger store here in PDX and we shop there often. Here’s the flier below… The flier states: “What’s the easiest way to enjoy all natural and organic? Keep it Simple. Naturally Preferred and Private […]

Got meat disinfectant?

disinfect your meat

Ever wonder what green folks think about? Once in a while I like to check up on what folks are searching for at Growing a Green Family. It’s useful for me, because I get to see what people want to know more about. That said, sometimes it’s also fairly entertaining. Sometimes people search for the […]

Just in time for Earth Day…

Kleenex Hand Towels! Golly. Now I can use one paper towel each time I wash up. Nice freaking job Kimberly-Clark. This is right in line with all those other useless disposables that kill trees and waste money. I can’t believe anyone would buy this utterly insane product. Other then two 100% recycled rolls of paper […]

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