Organic chocolate chip cookie dough ice pops

chocolate chip cookie dough ice pops - Copy

Note from Jennifer: Today is national Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day. So, Cedar is home with me, working on his writing. Earlier he posted about soda and below he’s posting an organic ice pop recipe he made today. ********************************************************************************************************************* You should make these awesome cookie dough pops because they taste like awesomeness. Get: 1 and 1/2 cups […]

Organic blueberry oatmeal ice pops

blueberry oatmeal

With summer on the way, I’ve been working on fine-tuning some oatmeal ice pops that your kids can eat for breakfast when it’s too hot to eat warm breakfast foods, like oatmeal. I figured I’d come up with oatmeal alternative that’s not only icy, but easy on busy mornings when you’re trying to get everyone off […]

Upcoming book title: 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes

200 best ice pop recipes

I recently posted 8 Cool Popsicle Recipe Books for Year-round Organic Ice Pop Fun. As you can tell from the number 8, there aren’t that many popsicle recipe books around. I did just see this recent upcoming title though… 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes It looks fairly decent, though it does seem slim on images […]

8 cool popsicle books for year-round organic ice pop fun

Paletas Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas

So, I’ve been looking around to see which popsicle recipe books are available nowadays, because my goal was to post the top 10 popsicle books, but sadly, it’s slim pickings. It’s hard to even find a popsicle book with over 15 reviews on Amazon. Once you get under 15 reviews, I don’t really feel like […]

10 Organic Popsicle Recipes that Celebrate Autumn Flavors

harvest ice pops

Happy first day of autumn! Fall is my most favorite time of year, so today I’ve got a few nice posts planned, but autumn popsicles that celebrate all the wonderful flavors of fall come first… 1 – Harvest ice pops  Wash, peel and cut 1 and 1/2 apples PLUS 1/4 butternut squash into chunks. Steam […]

50 Homemade Organic Yogurt Popsicle Recipes & Yogurt Ice Pop Tips

Delicious raspberry yogurt popsicle icecream

I’m not the biggest yogurt fan, but my son LOVES yogurt and thus, yogurt popsicles are popular at my house and super easy too. Unlike most fruit or liquid based popsicles, you don’t have to worry that yogurt pops will turn out rock hard. The yogurt smooths pops out, making creamy treats every time. Plus, […]

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