Best eco-friendly ice pop molds of 2015

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There’s not too many new eco-friendly ice pop molds on the market this year, but there are a few new sets to drool over, plus some of the molds we all know and love have introduced new colors this year. All in all we’ve got 50+ popsicle molds to cover this year, so let’s get started! To […]

Zoku introduces old-school ice pop molds

mini pops

I own about 13 or so different popsicle mold sets, so it’s not like I need any more. Still, I’d be flat out lying if I said I wasn’t simply obsessed with trying out these cool new molds from Zoku. Now, first I should note that I normally ignore Zoku products. As popsicle crazed as […]

The best BPA-free popsicle molds for homemade ice pops

best ice pop molds - Norpro Frost Pop Maker

Updated summer 2013 edition! Each summer I release a BPA-free popsicle mold guide for green families. Why? Because homemade ice pops rock. They save resources, save you money and are fun besides. If you’re new to homemade ice pops start with the following posts, then check out the popsicle molds below. Benefits of homemade popsicles How […]

Silly lollypop men popsicle molds

Lollypop men ice pop molds

These silly Lollypop Stick Men Popsicle Molds will have your kids laughing all the way to the freezer. Most ice pop mold handles are a bit boring, but not these stick-minded handles with their crazy antics.  Just pour your favorite popsicle mixture into the molds, pop in a silly reusable stick-man handle and wait about an hour or two for […]

Green product review: Tolovo Popsicle Molds

Green Product Review Tolovo Popsicle Molds

Review summary: Though I talk about them all the time, I’ve never done a dedicated Tolovo ice pop mold review even though I’ve made well over 1,000 ice pops with them. So, it’s high time. These popsicle molds are, for the most part, excellent molds with very few cons. This review has been updated and […]

Freezycup stainless steel individual ice pop mold

Freezycup Ice Pop Mold Holder

We’ve seen one stainless steel popsicle mold here before, but I’ve never tried them because they’re fairly expensive and I’ve read some wacky reviews of the set on Amazon, noting that steel shavings show up in the popsicles (yikes). No idea if it’s true, but that’s what I’ve read. Anyhow, recently I came across these […]

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