Winter weatherizing tips for renters

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If you own a home, there’s a lot you can do to decrease your energy use (and thus bills). However, as a renter, you’ve usually got less flexibility because replacing windows, planting wind blockers and other long-term investment solutions aren’t very realistic. Still, even renters can make reasonable changes to help cut down on energy […]

How to make eco-friendly shopping choices

buy green and save more money

Beyond just living green you should have some basic eco-friendly shopping criteria in place. Having good shopping skills in general will save you money. Excellent green shopping know-how consists of three basic components: Knowing what and if you need something. Knowing what eco-friendly really means to you. Knowing how to figure out if a product […]

Green Practices Can Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies

Going green is good for the planet and your wallet (usually) – especially during back-to-school time. Here are some green and thrifty tips for picking up green school supplies… Less is more: Less is always more when it comes to green living. It works for school supplies too. Only buy what your child’s school says […]

Cut Back on Screen Time and Save $30,000 or More Over Five Years

TV costs - cost of cutting screen time

Because my family is working on cutting screen time, I figured I’d attempt to figure out how much money you can save by cutting back. I started a post yesterday morning about cutting screen time as part of my save $50,000 over five years series, but it was proving EXTREMELY COMPLICATED to organize. How come? There are so many […]

Go green and save money infographic

save money - use car less

EasyFinance has a pretty good infographic posted right now related to going green and money saving – a favorite topic around here. The infographic, in total, is way too huge to post, however, there are some snippets I’d like to share. The bike vs. car section was my favorite: My partner’s car broke down over […]

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