Greener & safer candles 101

Lavender and Vanilla Soy Candle

If you like burning candles around your home, you should know that candles vary a lot (green-wise) depending on their wax content and packaging. Here’s the scoop… Paraffin Candles Most candles you see at the store are made with good old paraffin, although often these are simply called “wax candles.” Paraffin is naturally odorless, inexpensive […]

Zero VOC Mythic Paint for safe kid-friendly spaces


If part of your spring cleaning plans revolve around painting then good news – The Land of Nod recently hooked up with Mythic Paint, makers of non-toxic paint with zero odor, and put together a collection of awesome new colors for your child’s bedroom, bathroom, playroom, clubhouse or wherever else you need a coat of […]

Why choose a small home over a McMansion

living small

I used to write about green building and green homes regularly for one of my clients and living small would come up often. I’m a big advocate of small homes; or well, I suppose “enough” home not technically small. I think you need what you need, but why have more space, you know. Oddly, when […]

Adorable & affordable eco-friendly kid shelving

eco-friendly owl shelf

Green pieces for your child’s bedroom or playroom can be very costly, but luckily companies like Maple Shade Kids makes some super adorable and terribly affordable pieces that will add charm but no toxins. Maple Shade Kids uses earth-friendly and kid-friendly methods to make their sweet bedroom pieces such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified […]

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