Easy eco-action: refillable soap dispensers

vermont soap co

Refillable reusable soap dispenser are a super easy eco-step that every family can take. It may seem like a small step, but if you think about, this practice can really help reduce a ton of plastic waste. Consider all the soap containers you have laying around the house: The typical family has two bathrooms, each with a […]

Quick green tip: natural car deodorizers

Natural Car Deodorizers

If your car is full of icky smells you don’t need to buy some chemical laden tree freshener. Try the following instead: Start with a clean car. When you let dirt build up, it gets dusty and gross. For quick cleaning use non-toxic natural cleaning wipes and a more natural car fabric care cleaner. You […]

Handy Supply List for Homemade Cleaning Products

Lean and Mean Scrub Brush

Before you can switch to homemade cleaners, you’ll need some supplies. Below is a handy list of goodies you’ll need in order to make and use an array of homemade cleaning products. Empty Spray Bottles *Note, always keep a couple spare bottles around, because spray bottles nozzles are notorious for breaking, right in the middle of a […]

What to do when you’re totally fed up with questionable cleaners and cleaning guides

sick of lame cleaning products

So, after recent shenanigans in the wonderful world of store-bought cleaning supplies, I’m pretty fed-up. And yes, I’m talking about the new EWG safe cleaners guide. It’s wise to go non-toxic when it comes to cleaning but companies are making this impossible. As you know by now, EWG gave scathing scores to plenty of well-known […]

The Safest and Greenest Cleaners on Earth

EWG just released their Healthy Guide to Cleaners and the list was shocking to say the least. I honestly can’t, at this point, say that I’m fully on board with their list, because some of it seemed wonky to me. Still, if you trust EWG’s opinions unquestionably, below is a list of what they say […]

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