Six tips for an eco-friendly & vegan Easter celebration


If your family is vegan Easter issues may be on your mind. Easter is so egg-centered! Not to mention people plan meals around the cutest critters at Easter time – like pigs and lamb. Still, even if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply want an Easter that’s cruelty-free, you can have an awesome time anyhow. Take […]

Reasons to convert from vegetarian to vegan

cute cows - why go vegan

Everyone has their own reasoning behind how they eat, what they eat and why. Through the years I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible tough to change said reasoning or diet choices of anyone else. Hence me always reminding you to raise a healthy eater from birth, which is oh so much easier than converting a […]

Updates about chemical reform, USDA mistakes, vegan food and more

The USDA kicks Meatless Monday to the curb

So, I’ve been absent. Which means of course I’ve missed updating everyone on what I love, hate and some new issue going on in my house. I’ll do a quick recap of what’s been happening the last two weeks. In “OMG how annoying” news: The USDA published a newsletter telling employees to try Meatless Monday. […]

Vegetarian Meals for Meat Lovers (or Reluctant Vegetarians)

Lentil tacos

I’m currently working with a new client – VeggieBoards. If you’re considering going vegetarian or vegan, or you already are and just want to join a cool community, you may want to check this site out. There are helpful forums, veg product reviews and much more. In honor of this new client and because I’ve […]

Switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet may lower your carbon footprint

vegan diet equals lower carbon

A new study shows that switching to a¬†vegetarian or vegan diet may lower your carbon footprint – by a lot. The new study, completed by researchers at Lancaster University shows that eating less meat or no meat at all may cut up to 26% of greenhouse gas emissions. However, be aware that these emission estimates […]

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