Six tips for an eco-friendly & vegan Easter celebration


If your family is vegan Easter issues may be on your mind. Easter is so egg-centered! Not to mention people plan meals around the cutest critters at Easter time – like pigs and lamb. Still, even if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply want an Easter that’s cruelty-free, you can have an awesome time anyhow. Take […]

Winter weatherizing tips for renters

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If you own a home, there’s a lot you can do to decrease your energy use (and thus bills). However, as a renter, you’ve usually got less flexibility because replacing windows, planting wind blockers and other long-term investment solutions aren’t very realistic. Still, even renters can make reasonable changes to help cut down on energy […]

How to make eco-friendly shopping choices

buy green and save more money

Beyond just living green you should have some basic eco-friendly shopping criteria in place. Having good shopping skills in general will save you money. Excellent green shopping know-how consists of three basic components: Knowing what and if you need something. Knowing what eco-friendly really means to you. Knowing how to figure out if a product […]

The case against soda

natural soda

Note from Jennifer: Today is national Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day. Thus, Cedar is home with me, writing and doing some social media. When I asked what he wanted to write about, he said soda. The post below is all Cedar, including the soda shopping choices. Stay tuned, because he’ll also be posting a new […]

Easy eco-action: refillable soap dispensers

vermont soap co

Refillable reusable soap dispenser are a super easy eco-step that every family can take. It may seem like a small step, but if you think about, this practice can really help reduce a ton of plastic waste. Consider all the soap containers you have laying around the house: The typical family has two bathrooms, each with a […]

Attacking Whole Foods is not the answer people

So, right after Whole Foods Market announced their commitment to label GMO foods a rash of criticizing articles and statements on Facebook started appearing. Mainly because people think Whole Foods should… Should work faster and have GMOs labeled by 2015 vs. 2018. Should get anything labeled “Natural” out of their stores. Should ban all GMO food from their stores. And on […]

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