Why Choose Organic Cotton Clothing & Textiles

organic cotton

Being that I share organic clothing and other organic textile products here, I was thinking we should look at why… Conventional cotton (non-certified organic) is cotton that may be grown with pesticides. First of all, you obviously don’t want your skin exposed to chemicals and secondly, the use of said pesticides is rampant in cotton. […]

Eco-friendly clothing for older kids

Where to find green clothing for older kids

I’ve got a few green product pet peeves, such as why doesn’t an actual green deodorant exist? I’m talking one that REALLY works! However, as a green parent, a bigger pet peeve of mine is why aren’t there any flipping eco-friendly clothing companies making clothes for kids? And by kids, I mean kids ages 7 […]

EarthGroovz spring dresses

EarthGroovz spring dresses

Dreaming of spring? You can get a jump start on the season with a lovely EarthGroovz springtime dress for your little princess, such as the adorable Tossed Owls in Cream Tunic below. EarthGroovz carries an outstanding collection of beautiful dresses and tunics that will add some pop to your little girl’s spring wardrobe. Based in […]

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