Reusable baby wipes vs. disposable baby wipes – how much will you save?

how much savings with reusable baby wipes

It’s been a while since we’ve tried to save any money around this blog. Too bad since we’ve got a lot to save if we’re going to save $50,000 just by going green. Today, baby wipes. How much can you save if you make safe, non-toxic baby wipes vs. buying disposable baby wipes? Let’s find […]

Traditional Prefold & Flat Cloth Diapers

Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit

We’re in the middle of our Green Diapers 101 series. Next up on the list are old school prefold & flat cloth diapers. I’m grouping flat diapers and prefolds together, although they’re not entirely the same thing. Prefold and flat diapers are argued to be the most common types of cloth diaper used by parents […]

Non-biodegradable less toxic disposable diapers

seventh generation diapers

Non-biodegradable disposable green diapers are our first stop for Green Diapers 101. And they’re not much better than conventional disposables. I hesitate to even call these diapers green. I wouldn’t go so far as to say these are greenwashing diapers, but really what you should call them are less toxic disposables not green. Less toxic […]

Green Baby Diapers 101

cloth diapers 101

Reusable and other eco-minded baby diapers are a healthier choice than disposable diapers. However all your choices can be confusing. Below is a little round-up that should help you easily sort out all your green diaper dramas. FIRST DO YOUR RESEARCH: offers excellent advice about reusable diapers. From traditional prefold cloth diapers to tiny […]

Reusable Diapers vs. Disposable Baby Diapers

Traditional disposable baby diapers create plenty of problems for parents, babies and the planet, such as… Disposable diapers cost you more money in the long run than reusable diapers. Depending on the type of disposables you purchase, using reusable diapers can save you anywhere from $600-$2,000+. Most research suggest that 250 to 500 years is […]

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