Eco-friendly homemade gift idea: handmade chalkboard coasters

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Eco-friendly Homemade Gift Idea: DIY Chalkboard Coaster set by Living Well Spending Less Ages: Fairly easy for all ages – patience required and little kids will need help. Supplies needed: You’ll need to pick up chalkboard paint and tiles, but you should have the other supplies around the house. Time needed: At least 5 days before you […]

Eco-friendly & affordable dollhouses for every green family

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Eco-dollhouses are one of those gifts that just keep on giving. Not only do dollhouses inspire year-round creativity and imaginative play, but they help encourage fine motor skills, design skills, social play and much more. Plus, if you buy a quality non-plastic dollhouse set, it will last through generations of play. Now, before you buy, […]

Best eco-friendly & affordable play kitchen sets

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An eco-friendly play kitchen set is a top notch gift for a child – boy or girl. Not only will your child get hours of playtime out of this one awesome gift, but play kitchens help encourage a love of cooking, organizing, imaginative play and can increase skills such as math, problem solving, decision making and […]

A rainbow of colorful DIY play kitchen design ideas

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Nothing is quite so charming as a handmade DIY play kitchen under (or aside) the tree come Christmas morning. If you’re planning on making your own play kitchen for your little one, read the following. How to make an eco-friendly and affordable DIY play kitchen Design inspiration – one dozen DIY play kitchen designs Design […]

DIY play kitchen tips – make a green and affordable play kitchen

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Play kitchen sets are a time tested toy that will delight most kids on Christmas morning. However, a completed toy kitchen can be costly – especially if you’re going the eco-friendly route.  A less expensive option is to make your own play kitchen. You don’t need a ton of carpentry skills either. It’ll help if […]

More than 100 homemade gift ideas that don’t suck

Snowman covered cherries

Not all homemade holiday gifts are that great. While there are almost always some benefits to giving homemade gifts, there are also downsides to giving poorly thought out gifts, such as… People won’t use them – thus wasting resources. Your time could be better spent. Your money could be better spent. Good homemade gifts inspire […]

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