Eco-friendly & affordable dollhouses for every green family

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Eco-dollhouses are one of those gifts that just keep on giving. Not only do dollhouses inspire year-round creativity and imaginative play, but they help encourage fine motor skills, design skills, social play and much more. Plus, if you buy a quality non-plastic dollhouse set, it will last through generations of play. Now, before you buy, […]

Best eco-friendly & affordable play kitchen sets

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An eco-friendly play kitchen set is a top notch gift for a child – boy or girl. Not only will your child get hours of playtime out of this one awesome gift, but play kitchens help encourage a love of cooking, organizing, imaginative play and can increase skills such as math, problem solving, decision making and […]

Top 10 best green holiday books

Now that September is here, holidays a plenty are soon arriving. Get ready to green your holiday season, with these top 10 best green holiday books… 1 – Celebrate Green: If you only buy one green holiday book, make it this one, because it rocks AND covers all the holidays. Read my full review. 2 – I’m Dreaming […]

Top Eco-friendly Books for Green Families

The Organic Family Cookbook - great green gift

If you’re scrounging for last-minute holiday gifts, a good book can’t be beat and is easy to find, even last-minute, so long as you have a local bookstore in town. I’ve reviewed many books, and below are some of my favorites – all are perfect for growing green families too!   Celebrate Green! Eco-nomical Baby […]

Tips for a less consumer-minded holiday season

Previously I wrote about how the winter holiday season has been over-saturated with stuff and overspending. I’ve been meaning to do a follow-up about how to combat a consumer holiday, but sorry, I got a little behind here. Life has been nuts lately. There’s still plenty of December left though and that means many chances […]

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