Winter weatherizing tips for renters

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If you own a home, there’s a lot you can do to decrease your energy use (and thus bills). However, as a renter, you’ve usually got less flexibility because replacing windows, planting wind blockers and other long-term investment solutions aren’t very realistic. Still, even renters can make reasonable changes to help cut down on energy […]

Eco-friendly homemade gift idea: handmade chalkboard coasters

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Eco-friendly Homemade Gift Idea: DIY Chalkboard Coaster set by Living Well Spending Less Ages: Fairly easy for all ages – patience required and little kids will need help. Supplies needed: You’ll need to pick up chalkboard paint and tiles, but you should have the other supplies around the house. Time needed: At least 5 days before you […]

Green Christmas craft: handmade Mason jar lid ornaments

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Green Christmas Craft: DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments by DIY on the Cheap Ages: Easy for all ages, but younger kids will likely need some help. Supplies needed: Mason jar lids are the biggie, but anyone who uses these jars for bulk food or canning knows how you always end up with oddball extra lids laying around. […]

13 homemade alternative Christmas tree ideas

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While it can be eco-friendly to have a real Christmas tree, it’s a bit more eco-minded to make a tree out of reuse and recyclable materials. It’s also fun because you’ll have a unique design savvy tree that’s far from boring. Below are 13 homemade tree ideas for inspiration… Chalkboard tree image via Leah Paulette My […]

Green Christmas craft: recycled Christmas choir

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Green Christmas Craft: Recycled Christmas Choir by Spoonful Ages: All ages – easy! Supplies needed: All stuff you should have on hand. Summary: Make use of all those annoying left-over toilet paper tubes you’ve got, plus bits and pieces of scrap art supplies with this sweet Christmas craft. Hopefully, you’ve quit using paper towels, but you […]

Eco-friendly & affordable dollhouses for every green family

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Eco-dollhouses are one of those gifts that just keep on giving. Not only do dollhouses inspire year-round creativity and imaginative play, but they help encourage fine motor skills, design skills, social play and much more. Plus, if you buy a quality non-plastic dollhouse set, it will last through generations of play. Now, before you buy, […]

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