Is it more important to limit sunscreen or increase outdoor time?

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My sunscreen rational this year is that the safest sunscreens cost too much, as in wildly unrealistically too much for most families, so there’s a need to compromise. Thus, I posted some sunscreen choices that aren’t top of the line safe but that families can afford. Not everyone thought this was a good plan: On Facebook someone […]

EWG Releases List of 2012 Affordable Sunscreen Options!

Okay, I know I’ve practically discussed sunscreen to death over the last couple of weeks here at Growing a Green Family, but I do have some big and useful news from EWG. First a quick recap of my mindset this year… I’ve been complaining about how “safe” sunscreen is too expensive. By “too expensive” I […]

2012 Sunscreen Winners and Losers + Best Safe Sunscreens of 2012

best realistic sunscreen of 2012

I’ve been looking into sunscreens for the last couple of weeks and it’s clear that they’re all over the map when it comes to safety and price. Sunscreen can be hyper confusing – too bad, since all green families deserve safe affordable sunscreen. That said, I’ve narrowed down the best safe sunscreen options for all families, in […]

2012 Green Family Sunscreen Choices Organized by Price

sunscreen by price

*This post is part of the 2012 safe sunscreen series. If you’re interested in sunscreen by price, this is the list for you. All sunscreens are broken down into groups per price per oz and to save you some calculations, I figured out both your annual and monthly costs for each sunscreen choice as well. […]

Decent lower-priced sunscreens for 2012

safe and less expensive sunscreens

If money is no object you can probably afford the safest, most chemical-free sunscreen. For the rest of us, some compromises are in order. First figure out how to panic less when it comes to more “toxic” sunscreens (this post also discusses chemicals in sunscreen). After you decide where you stand on chemicals, you can check out the list […]

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