Hug This Pumpkin Tree

pumpkin on a stick

With Halloween quickly approaching an excellent tree to hug is the Solanum Pumpkin Tree. Now, to be clear the pumpkin tree is not so much a tree as it is a smallish plant, but it is the perfect “tree” for Halloween. Solanum is the botanical name for a group of specific plants with sub-categories of plants […]

50 Affordable & Eco-friendly Halloween Treats

EnviroKidz Organic Chocolate Koala Crispy Rice Bars

Going green at Halloween can be inexpensive in some ways. For example, you can reuse costumes, swap costumes, make homemade Halloween costumes, bake organic Halloween cookies from scratch with bulk ingredients and more. That said, it can be expensive to hand out healthier or greener treats to a zillion trick or treaters. When bulk conventional candy is not only […]

Creative sugar-free Halloween treat for kids

Halloween treat - non-edible activity cards for kids

Not everyone wants to give out sugary candy at Halloween. But honestly, will raisins or bananas or Halloween tattoos really go over all that well with kids high on sugar? Maybe not so much. This year I’m handing out candy (Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate Minis), but for a while I was brainstorming a cool non-edible treat […]

Adorable and Eco-friendly Halloween Party Invitations

Down with the White Ghost

If you’re having a Halloween party this year, and you’re too busy to make homemade invites, then Paper Culture may be your second best bet for cute and eco-friendly Halloween party invitations. I like the Mad Scientist invite shown above, but they have lots and lots of other sweet Halloween designs to choose from. Some modern, some adult-minded […]

National Costume Swap Day is Coming – Register Your Own Costume Swap

halloween costume swap 2012

You know, green families have almost zero choices when it comes to pre-made eco-friendly Halloween costumes for kids. There’s just very little out there made with sustainable fabrics or other materials. You can go with a homemade Halloween costume if you’re crafty, but not all parents are (um, me) so your next best option is […]

Top 10 best green holiday books

Now that September is here, holidays a plenty are soon arriving. Get ready to green your holiday season, with these top 10 best green holiday books… 1 - Celebrate Green: If you only buy one green holiday book, make it this one, because it rocks AND covers all the holidays. Read my full review. 2 - I’m Dreaming […]

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