25 things to do on Black Friday instead of shopping

2013 Buy Nothing Day

On the way home from Thanksgiving with my family last night, traffic was pretty good in spite of having to freeway it home, until I hit an area of Oregon packed with outlet malls. Then, traffic got a little nuts. There was a depressing line of cars waiting on the freeway overpass to get into […]

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day 2011 Instead of Black Friday

I’ve been celebrating Buy Nothing Day for years. This year, I’m even more encouraged to celebrate, because Buy Nothing Day falls on November 25th, my birthday. Buy Nothing Day was originally launched by the folks at Adbusters, and it’s pretty simple to participate. Buy Nothing Day encourages people to skip the Black Friday madness and […]

Stuff to do on Black Friday that does not involve shopping

buy nothing day

According to a retail trade group survey released on Thursday, as many as 138 million U.S. shoppers may be heading out for Black Friday events. That’s a lot of shoppers to weave in and out of. Why not try Buy Nothing Day this year instead? Buy Nothing Day is a push to combat the overwhelming […]

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